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up to 71% higher metal removal rate!

In only 3 steps to optimum machining values!

  1. Name the material and machine type
  2. Give precise specifications for the required metal-cutting process
  3. The result is the optimum metal-cutting configuration – precise and without iteration
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With our calculation we revolutionize your machining process!


The steps for testing




Drilling with HSS- or indexable insert into solid or bore up!




Turning Longitudinal – Plane – Grooving



turn milling, formmilling,slot milling with side milling cutter – end milling cutter – form milling cutter, Face Milling, hedgemilling or peeling



cylindrical grinding – external or internal, surface grinding or cylindrical grinding – recessing

Our calculation method


CuttingSpeed – a revolutionary calculation which enables the process design of the cutting process from economic default values.

This makes the most complex tool design processes to date extremely simple for the user. In only 3 operating steps you will receive precise and optimized production guidelines.

Based on the similarity mechanics, a cross-process mathematical description of the relationship between tool wear and cutting values is generated. Including kinematics. mechanics and thermodynamics, the cutting process is traced back to dimensionless key figures.

In contrast to a “purely” mechanical approach, in which wear is described empirically by strength values, the dimensionless key figures show the dominant influence of temperature on wear and cutting performance, taking into account thermodynamics.

These dimensionless key figures provide reference values for the definition of economic areas of application of tools and the analytical relationship between wear and cutting data in this area.

We too move within the framework of the laws of physics. In contrast to other providers, CuttingSpeed applies them completely!


Our approach


These approaches are usually associated with considerable additional costs and bring only a small competitive advantage in themselves.

We start from the “State of the art” of tools offered on the market and focus on optimizing the machining process itself.

With the tools already developed, better cutting values in terms of wear and material removing rate are possible than is usual in today’s practice, i.e. the cost-effectiveness of the process can be significantly improved and made more cost-efficient.

The economic importance of a continuous increase in productivity of the machining process is easy to see, considering that the machining production still covers the lion’s share of industrial production.

Development activities and innovations in the field of manufacturing technology play a major role in ensuring the competitiveness of industrial production in high-wage economies in the future.

our possibilities


We have aroused your interest?

What could be the next steps?

We put everything on this homepage that is necessary for an evaluation of processing times.

We would be pleased to check with you, based on the information you provide us, how much potential for improvement there is in your process.

The input for a machining cycle can be found in the menu area at the top right.

As a result, you will receive time guidelines for your calculation and decision.

You will be surprised how much potential for optimization there is in your current production process!

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